About The Mustard Club

THE MUSTARD CLUB was launched in 2011 by actor and producer Rebecca Tremain (AKA The Mustard Club’s Angelica Diamond) as an ecletic umbrella for writers, comedians, musicians and other performers to collaborate and perform together under. The Club’s live performance nights took place in London at The Torriano and its varying collective of artists also occupied a live one-hour slot on Resonance 104.4 FM Radio.


Maverick comedic writer and poet George Stone AKA Alfred Lord Telecom numbers among the Club’s fluid stable of artists wth his epic tales of Ragnar The Lemming. A variety of writers and comedians have appeared on The Mustard Club stage, including top stand-up and writer Stewart Lee.

The Mustard Club revives the tradition of the popular advertising campaign by Bensons for Colman’s Mustard in the 1920s, which played on promoting membership of an elusive and entirely fictional “Mustard Club”. Accordingly the 2011 Mustard Club operated in stealth mode, never announcing line-ups in advance and maintaining a spontaneous approach to its shows.

In 2012 producer and editor Rob Falconer joined Rebecca at The Mustard Club and the team began production of THE GILDED VECTORS OF DISEASE eight-part radio series, and in 2013 the subsequent production and release of the Double CD Collector’s Edition.

The Mustard Club continues to be active in a range of events and performances. You can email The Mustard Club here.


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