The Mustard Club runs the World (Cafe)

Here is the final version of the animated timeline created on World Mosquito Day 2017. Celebrating 120 years since Sir Ronald Ross identified the mosquito as the malaria vector, participants visited world cafe-style tables, hosted by researchers from LSHTM’s Malaria Centre, plus guests from Malaria No More.  We were serenaded by the mellifluous tones of Miss Patricia Hammond accompanied by the talented Mr Matt Redman, with Penelope Dimond as Lady Rosa who read Sir Ronald’s poem:

This day relenting God
Hath placed within my hand
A wondrous thing; and God
Be praised. At His command,
Seeking His secret deeds
With tears and toiling breath,
I find thy cunning seeds,
O million-murdering Death.
I know this little thing
A myriad men will save.
O Death, where is thy sting?
Thy victory, O Grave?

This poem appears around the label of Masters of Malt Quinine Gin – our party was complete by the generous donation of several bottles of this delicious drink, mixed with Fever Tree tonic for a medicinal sun-downer – just what the good doctor ordered!Backstage-14