It’s that time of year again – Mosquito Day 2017!

Ross_MosquitoDayThe eventbrite for tickets to this year’s Mosquito Day on August 18th is now live: tickets are FREE so sign up today.  It’s 120 years since Sir Ronald Ross made his discovery that mosquitoes transmit malaria and declared that henceforth 20th August should be known as “World Mosquito Day”. Here at the Malaria Centre we are hosting our 7th annual Mosquito Day event in the form of the Mosquito Day World Cafe.  Join us for a stimulating afternoon of discovery and discussion, plus your chance to contribute to the Mosquito Day Malaria Timeline, an interactive digitised journey through the last 120 years of malaria control around the globe.  Refreshments, including a glass of 1897 gin, included with your ticket.

Image courtesy of the Ross Collection, held at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Library & Archives Service.  To visit the archives and see the collection, which includes Sir Ronald’s 1897 journal, telescope and blood slides box, contact