Hut Bingo and other games…

Hut Bingo

On Wednesday 13th July, a group of staff and students from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine came together for a volunteer drama workshop.  Working with photographs and other items from the YMCA and National Theatre Archives which form part of Digital Drama’s Shakespeare Hut installation, we played a series of drama games and exercises to start to create a sense of the Hut for our re-enactment day on 11th August.  Characters began to emerge and relationships to develop as we explored the world of the Hut and the YMCA’s contribution to the rest and recovery of New Zealand troops on leave in London one hundred years ago this August.  We now have 16 volunteers engaged in the re-enactment performance but there is still room to join us if you are keen to get involved.  Please contact me through this blog, email me at, join the conversation on Twitter #Shakespearehut or follow the Mustard Club facebook page.