Science Unboxed – collaborating with the British Library Archives

On September 18th, The Mustard Club goes to the British Library.  We have been working with Antonia Moon and Alex Hailey from their Archives Service to create a dramatised reading inspired by the India Office Records.  The event will also feature Dr Katie Howe, their Research Engagement Manager for Science, Technology and Medicine and Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Advisor for the UK Department of International Development, who has worked on malaria in Africa and Asia, will be on hand to explain how our knowledge of malaria has developed from the time of these Records to now and what is being done in the field of research to conbat the disease referred to by Sir Ronald Ross as sewing “thy cunning seeds, oh million murdering death”.  Tickets are free and can be booked online at image “Boy Scouts clearing a village pond of mosquito larvae © The British Library Board 2015”